Moths of Dungeness and Surrounding Area
The Year 2005                                                                                     Updated.  17th November



    Weve been running seventeen traps in our area this year, two new, Josh Jones and Andy and Maggie
    Tebbs. 428 macros recorded four of which were new, The Mocha, Dusky Peacock, Brown Scallop and
    Scarce Silver-lines. 94 pyrals recorded one of which, Dioryctria rhenella, not only new to the area but 
    new to Britain. For us a good range of species. Very few concentrated periods of migration, with some
    species scarce, Small Mottled Willow, Bordered Straw and noctuella. Three species are deserving of
    mention. Langmaid's Yellow Underwing .. 63 moths recorded from eleven trap-sites June to August  ..
    Small Ranunculus .. 52 moths from seven trap-sites June to September .. Clancy's Rustic .. 86 moths
    from 11 trap-sites, 1 in June the rest September and October. Mention of these in the updated "Of-note"
    on the Recorder Sites has been omitted.

    At Dungeness Winter Moth on 4th, December Moth on 14th, 3 on 15th.

    23rd. Pearly Underwing at Dungeness.
    12th. Sean had Cosmopolitan at New Romney (pic) .. the first record this year. Sprinkling of Pearly
    Underwing over the area.
    8th. Richard had White-speck, Delicate and 2 Pearly Underwing  at Greatstone. Keith had Vestal, 
    Delicate and ferrugalis in Lydd and Scarce Umber (pic) at Dungeness.
    7th. Barry had Scarce Bordered Straw and Dark Arches at Greatstone. DSG in Lydd.
    6th. Cypress Carpet at the back of New Romney.
    4th. Not much at the traps .. a few nil returns .. of the two moths that Dorothy had at Dungeness, one
    was Red-headed Chestnut (pic).
    2nd. Sean had White-speck and Gem at New Romney.

    31st. Wet and windy end to the month. Small Dusty Wave (pic) at Littlestone.
    30th. Sprinkling of migrants, Vestal at the back of New Romney .. few Gem, Delicate, DSG, ferrugalis 
    and noctuella. Late Cinnabar at Dungeness.
    29th. Not too many moths at the traps the last few nights .. with the wind from the south we thought we
    may see a few migrants .. slight increase in ferrugalis (5 in Lydd 29th), a few Delicate, DSG and noctuella.
    Dorothy had Juniper Carpet (pic) at Dungeness on 28th.  
    26th. Josh had Golden Twin-spot at Greatstone. Autumnal Moth and Red-green Carpet at Littlestone.
    Few Pearly Underwing and Delicate the last two nights.
    24th. Very windy and wet overnight .. Vestal at Dungeness.
    23rd. Despite the wind and rain, still mild .. more moths at the traps than for a few nights. Pearly
    Underwing .. 3 at Dungeness, 1 at Littlestone and Greatsone. Sprinkling Delicate .. Gem at Dungeness. 
    2 Clancy's in Lydd. Couple of things from the last week .. Dorothy had White-speck (pic) at Dungeness 
    17th and Colin had Autumnal Moth (pic) in Lydd 21st.
    22nd. Josh had Golden Twin-spot at Greatstone. Colin had Convolvulous (pic) in Lydd. Keith had Cypress
    Carpet (pic), Scarce Bordered Straw and late Yellow Belle (pic) at Dungeness. Sean had Bordered Straw
    at New Romney. Sprinkling of Delicate, DSG, Gem, noctuella and ferrugalis.
    21st. Few Gem, Delicate, noctuella and ferrugalis.
    20th. Colin had three new moths for his site .. Gem, Scarce Bordered Straw and Red-green Carpet (pic).
    Barry had 3 Gem at Greatstone and Dorothy had one at Dungeness. Sprinkling of Delicate.
    19th. Colin had Clancy's .. his 30th this year, noctuella and ferrugalis.
    17th. Dorothy had 2 Golden Twin-spot at Dungeness and Barry had one at Greatstone. Clancy's in Lydd
    and at the back of New Romney .. new site taking its distribution to the northern most limit of our area.
    16th. At Dungeness David and Dorothy had Golden Twin-spot, Dorothy also had 2 Gem. Usual dusting
    of Delicate and DSG.
    15th. Gem at Dungeness and Greatstone. Scarce Bordered Straw at Dungeness.
    14th. 2 Clancy's in Lydd. Sprinkling of Delicate, DSG and ferrugalis. Late Light Brocade (pic) at Dungeness
    and Poplar Hawk (pic) at the back of New Romney.
    13th. Colin had Clancy's in Lydd, 2 Scarce Bordered Straw Lydd (pic). Few November Moth appearing 
    12th. Slight increase in Delicate over the area .. Dorothy had four at Dungeness. Sprinkling of ferrugalis,
    noctuella in Lydd .. quite scarce this year (pic). Nubilalis at Dungeness is late (pic).
    11th. Bit wet and windy here overnight but still mild .. few moths .. Colin had a pink Vestal, Delicate and
     2 Clancy's in Lydd. Pete had Clancy's at Boulderwall and Richard had one at Greatstone. Few DSG and
    Delicate over the area. Dorothy had Figure of Eight at Dungeness.
    10th. Colin had Convolvulous and Clancy's in Lydd. Sprinkling of ferrugalis over the area. Dusky-lemon
    Sallow in Lydd.
    9th. Sean had 4 Clancy's at New Romney. Pete had Dewick's Plusia at Boulderwall.
    8th. Richard had Golden Twin-spot at Greatstone (see pics). Clancy's at New Romney.
    7th. 2 Clancy's in Lydd. Josh had female quadra (pic) and Dusky-lemon Sallow at Greatstone.
    6th. Very mild the last few nights .. 20 to 30 species at the traps and good numbers too .. Pete had 55
    Large Wainscot (pic) at Boulderwall. Dewicks Plusia and 3 Delicate in Lydd. Dusky-lemon Sallow at the 
    back of New Romney. Colin and Ted had Clancy's in Lydd.
    5th. Clancy's .. 2 in Lydd, 3 at New Romney and 2 at Greatstone. Dusky-lemon Sallow in Lydd.
    4th. Barry had 3 Clancy's and Dewick's Plusia at Greatstone. Keith had 2 Clancy's and Dewick's Plusia
    in Lydd. Barred Sallow in Lydd (pic). 
    2nd. Pearly Underwing, DSG, 3 Delicate and Clancy's in Lydd. 2 Delicate at Boulderwall. Few Pink-barred 
    Sallow (pic).
    1st. Clancy's .. 3 in New Romney. Few Delicate, Pearly Underwing and DSG.

    30th. Clancy's .. 2 in Lydd, 1 at Littlestone, 1 in New Romney. Dusky-lemon Sallow back of New Romney. 
    Sprinkling of Delicate. Several Large Ranunculus (pic) and Streak (pic) the last few days. HBHM in Lydd.
    29th. Colin had 3 Clancy's Rustic in Lydd, Barry had 2 at Greatstone and Dorothy had one at Dungeness.
    She and Sean had Dusky-lemon Sallow (pic). Sprinkling of Delicate and Pearly Underwing over the area.
    27th. Colin had 3 Delicate, 2 Clancy's Rustic and Dewick's Plusia in Lydd. 4 other Delicate in the area .. 
    Pearly Underwing at Greatstone.
    26th. Colin had Clancy's Rustic and Keith had Gem in Lydd. 
    25th. 10 Clancy's Rustic in the area .. in Lydd 8 at Colin's and 1 at Keith's traps .. and Sean at New
    Romney. Sprinkling of Delicate over the area.
    24th. 7 Clancy's Rustic in the area .. in Lydd 3 at Keith's and 2 at Colin's traps .. Sean at New Romney
    and Dorothy at Dungeness. 2 Delicate in Lydd .. singles Littlestone and Boulderwall. 2 Pearly Underwing
    in Lydd. DSG New Romney .. ferrugalis New Romney. The last week has been good at the traps with
    20 odd species .. upto 55 Autumnal Rustic (pic) at the Reserve .. 80 Feathered Brindle (pic) at 
    Dungeness ..10 Frosted Orange (pic) at Boulderwall.
    23rd. Keith had Clancy's Rustic in Lydd. Vestal at New Romney, Scarce Bordered Straw at Greatstone,
    Delicate at Dungeness .. few Pearly Underwing over the area.
    22nd. Clancy's Rustic at Colin's and Ted's trap in Lydd, Barry at Greatstone and  Sean at New Romney. 
    Delicate (pic) in Lydd .. sprinkling of Pearly Underwing (pic) over the area.
    21st. Barry had Dewick's Plusia at Greatstone.
    20th. Sean had Dotted Rustic at New Romney (pic)
    16th,17th. Wind from the north east, clear overnight .. less than 10 moths at some traps. Keith had one
    moth at the back of New Romney .. Figure of 8 (pic).
    15th. Convolvulous at Dungeness.
    14th. Vestal at Dungeness .. sprinkling of DSG over the area.
    13th. Dorothy had Convolvulous and Pearly Underwing at Dungeness.
    12th. Delicate at Boulderwall.
    10th. Keith had Convolvulous and Marsh Mallow Math at Dungeness. Delicate at Greatstone and
    Littlestone. Small increase in DSG in the area with 4 at Littlestone, a few ferrugalis.
    9th. At Greatstone Josh had Vestal and Scarce Bordered Straw .. Barry had limbata. Delicate at
    Boulderwall, New Romney and Littlestone. Vestal at Littlestone and Dungeness. Keith had Marsh 
    Mallow Moth in Lydd (see pics).
    8th. Gem at Greatstone. 3 DSG and Dewicks Plusia at Boulderwall .. HBHM by day at several sites.
    A few Pearly Underwing and noctuella.
    7th. Delicate in Lydd.
    6th. Sprinkling of Pearly Underwing, DSG and noctuella over the area .. Gem at Littlestone.
    5th. David had Small Mottled Willow (pic) and Keith had Peach Blossom (pic) at Dungeness. Pearly
    Underwing at New Romney .. DSG at several sites .. noctuella in Lydd.
    4th. Barry had Tawny Wave at Greatstone (pic). Dorothy had Small Ranunculus at Dungeness. Clay
    Triple-lines at Dungeness. Sprinkling of DSG and a small influx of Silver Y at some of the traps.
    2nd. Bordered Straw at Greatstone.
    1st.  .. noctuella in Lydd .. 2 crocealis at Boulderwall (pic). David had Delicate at Dungeness.
    31st. Sprinkling of DSG .. plenty of moths though mostly LYUnderwing, Setacious, Common Wainscot,
    Vines and Square Spot Rustic. Fern at New Romney (pic). Dorothy had Convolvulous at Dungeness (pic).
    30th. We were expecting the wind to be southerly .. easterly here .. plenty of moths at the inland sites ..
    not many on the shingle. Sean had 40 Silver Y at New Romney .. sparse elsewhere. Keith had limbata
    in Lydd (pic). Center-barred Sallow at Greatstone (pic).
    29th. Several HBHMoth during the day ..sprinkling of DSG, Pearly Underwing and ferrugalis. Sean had
    truncicolela (pic) at New Romney which is the first since 1999.
    28th. Josh had Delicate and Pearly Underwing at Greatstone. Lesser Swallow Prominent in Lydd (pic).
    23rd-25th. The last few nights either gales and rain from the west or cold .. the odd Pearly Underwing
    and ferrugalis .. nothing of note.
    22nd. Patchy .. 40-50 macros at Lydd and Greatstone .. c20 at most sites .. ferrugalis in Lydd.
    21st. Vestal in Lydd.
    20th. Josh Jones had Tree-lichen Beauty and Vestal at Greatstone. Pearly Underwing at New Romney ..
    ferrugalis in Lydd .. sprinkling of DSG at the traps.
    19th. Oblique carpet at Boulderwall (pic).
    18th. They forecast rain overnight .. didnt come until mid-day .. patchy .. 50 odd species in Lydd and 
    Greatstone .. Barry had Flame Carpet .. Keith had Tree-lichen Beauty and a mocha thing in Lydd which
    most resembles Blair's in Lydd (see pics).
    17th. Considering the temperature .. min 16 in Lydd .. not that many moths to the traps .. Lunar-spotted
    Pinion at Littlestone.
    16th. Dorothy had Lunar Thorn at Dungeness.
    15th. The Tebbs had Black Arches at New Romney.
    14th. Small Scallop at the back of New Romney (pic). Few ferrugalis and DSG .. 4 White-point in Lydd.
    13th. Heavy rain overnight.
    12th. Sprinkling of ferrugalis .. Pearly Underwing and 2 DSG at Boulderwall .. Tree-lichen Beauty at
    Littlestone is the fifth there this year. Keith had Golden-rod Pug (pic) in Lydd.
    11th. Chris had Scalloped Hook-tip at Dungeness (pic).
    10th. Convolvulous feeding in Dorothy's garden overnight, she and Barry had Dingy Shell. Keith had
    Gypsy Moth at Dungeness, Scarce Chocolate-tip and Tree-lichen Beauty in Lydd and the latter at
    Littlestone. Peppering of DSG but few Silver Y. Colin had Flame Carpet in Lydd (pic).
    9th. Dorothy had Convolvulous at Dungeness. Sean had Poplar Kitten at NRomney (pic).
    6th,7th. Cold overnight .. Bordered Straw on 6th and Dingy Shell (pic) on 7th in Lydd. Several Dusky 
    Thorn (pic) the last few days.
    5th. Temperature dropped to 9 overnight .. though 30-50 species at the traps there would'nt be many
    moths apart from Common Rustic which is by far the commonest moth here. Josh Jones had Jersey
    Tiger (pic) at Greatstone and Dorothy had Scarce Chocolate-tip at Dungeness. Very fresh DSG at a few
    of the traps .. small increase in Silver Y.
    4th. Rain and stiff breeze overnight .. still a few moths at the traps though nothing of note. Few DSG.
    3rd. Richard had Black Arches at Greatstone .. Keith had Tree-lichen Beauty at Greatstone and Bordered
    Straw in Lydd.
    2nd. Barry had Sub-angled Wave at Greatstone (pic). Dorothy had Black Arches at Dungeness. Clay
    Triple-lines in Lydd (pic). Sprinkling of DSG .. 3 Small Ranunculus at Colin's Lydd trap .. Langmaid's from
    three sites. Sean has set the worn pyral that Barry had the other day and its nubilalis.
    1st. Dorothy had Gypsy Moth at Dungeness (see pics). Matthew Deans and Eric Patrick from Suffolk were 
    trapping at the Long Pits .. they recorded 79 species of macro .. lots of Lackey, about 200 in the three 
    traps they were running .. 6 Double Kidney (pic), Langmaid's. Few Langmaid's at our traps, still get\33ting 
    Small Ranunculus in Lydd, Greatstone and Dungeness.  
    July 31st. Josh Jones had the best moth at Greatsone .. Dewick's Plusia. Another Lunar Thorn in Lydd. 
    30th. Barry had a worn pyral which looks like hyalinalis .. Keith had Scarce Chocolate-tip in Lydd ..
    (see pics).
    29th. Of note .. Colin had another Lunar Thorn, Garden Dart (pic) and Peach Blossom in Lydd. 
    28th. 3 DSG on the reserve .. Jill had sticticalis in Lydd (see pics) .. Keith had sylvestrella at Littlestone
    (see pics). Increase in Silver Y at some of the traps.
    27th. Rain overnight .. very patchy with marked variation in numbers of moths at the traps for no apparent 
    reason .. Barry is still getting a good range of species .. as is Lydd and at Boulderwall but not so much
    elsewhere. Sprinkling of DSG over the area. Of note .. Large Twin-spot Carpet at the back of New Romney
    (pic). Colin had Lunar Thorn (pic) and Langmaid's in Lydd .. Lesser Cream Wave at Boulderwall (pic).
    26th. Cold, windy overnight .. not many moths at the traps .. Richard had 4 moths at Greatstone, 5 moths
    at Dungeness.
    25th. Small increase in Silver Y at the traps .. upto 15 in Lydd .. Barry had 2 DSG and Langmaid's at
    the Rspb and Dewick's Plusia at Greatstone. David had Gem at Dungeness. Keith had Orache Moth and
    Langmaid's in Lydd. (see pics).
    24th. More rain overnight .. catches down .. Tree-lichen Beauty at Littlestone. DSG at Dungeness. 3 Small
    Ranunculus and Langmaid's in Lydd.
    23rd. Of note .. rain .. most welcome. Gem in Lydd.
    22nd. Bit of cloud last night .. min 17 degrees .. good numbers of species at all the traps .. Of note
    Purple Thorn (pic) at Greatstone .. Colin had 3 Small Ranunculus at Lydd which is the highest area count. 
    DSG at the back of New Romney .. 12 Silver Y in Lydd (though no numbers at the other traps).Broad-
    barred White .. not an uncommon moth here .. appearing in unusually high number .. 20's  at Greatstone 
    and Dungeness. The last few days of note .. Maggie and Andy had Lunar-spotted Pinion at New 
    Romney .. Keith had the well marked Lesser Yellow Underwing ab sagittifer at Dungeness. Black Arches 
    at Dungeness (pic)
    19th. Pearly Underwing at Greatstone, Gem and Dark Sword-grass at the back of New Romney. Colin
    had two Small Ranunculus in Lydd .. a search of a small patch of Prickly Lettuce, over the road from him
    where he releases the previous nights catch, revealed a clutch of about a dozen eggs. Langmaid's in Lydd
    seem to have appeared earlier than the odd janthe which have just started to appear the last few days.
    18th. Dark Umber at New Romney (pic). Black Arches at Dungeness (pic).
    16th. A few more Coronet in the area .. our best year. Colin had Lunar-spotted Pinion (pic) and several 
    Small Ranunculus .. total of eleven in the last six days .. Barry had one at Greatstone.
    15th. Gem at New Romney .. few more Silver Y. Colin had the best moth in Lydd .. Waved Carpet (pic)
    he's also getting 1-2 Small Ranunculus each night. Of note .. Coronet at four sites .. Green Silver-lines,
    Langmaids and the pyral suavella in Lydd .. A nycteolene that Keith caught in Lydd looks promising
    (see pics). Barry had the pyral diluta at Greatstone (pic)
    14th. Migrants .. HBHMoth and Delicate in Lydd, Gem at New Romney. Of note .. Sean had Dotted 
    Fanfoot at New Romney .. he and Andy and Maggie Tebbs have had several aridella the last few days.
    Small Angle Shades at Greatstone. Still very patchy .. Barry is getting 70-80 species macro at Greatstone, 
    50 or so at the other inland sites .. Dungeness traps suffering from the wind .. 20-30 species though
    Keith Tailby from Leicestershire and Mark Hammond from N'hants were trapping all night at the top of the 
    Long Pits and recorded 90 species of macro .. of note .. 3 Langmaid's, Peacock and also Common Heath 
    which is only the second area record .. the first caught at the Rspb by P.Sterling in 1983.  
    12th. Sean had limbata at New Romney .. his second and the fourth area record this year. 2 Small
    Ranunculus at Colin's trap in Lydd.
    11th. Cooler overnight .. not so many moths at the traps. Colin had Small Ranunculus in Lydd.
    (see Dusky Peacock pic).
    10th. Few migrants .. David had the best moth at Dungeness .. Dusky Peacock, the first area record. The
    pyral tumidana in Lydd and Tree-lichen Beauty at Littlestone. Colin had two Small Ranunculus and Keith
    one in Lydd. 
    9th. National moth night .. bit of cloud cover here .. good selection of moths at the traps. A few migrants ..
    Delicate in Lydd, Gem at Littlestone, Pearly Underwing at the Reserve. The pyral adelphella at five sites.
    Barry had 72 macros and 23 pyrals .. Scarce Silver-lines (pic) which is a new moth for the area.
    David had about 50 species macro.
    Keith had 61 macros and 20 species pyral in Lydd .. Small Ranunculus.
    41 macro and 9 species pyral at Littlestone.
    41 macro and 10 species pyral at New Romney .. Langmaid's and the pyral biviella.
    26 macro and 4 species pyral at Dungeness.
    Sean had 43 macros and 13 species pyral.
    Chris had 37 macros .. is getting unusually high numbers of Common Footman .. 50 plus.
    Richard had 22 macros at Greatstone.
    Ted had 13 macros.
    Jill had 28 macro and 5 species pyral.
    Colin had 51 macros .. Small Ranunculus.
    Dorothy had 38 macros .. Pine Carpet .. 2nd shingle record (pic).
    Josh Jones had 51 macros at Greatstone.
    Andy and Maggie Tebbs had 30 macros and 12 species pyral. They have got an infestation of the pyral 
    interpunctella (see pics) in their house in New Romney .. previously there had only been one area record.
    Jill Walker organised a moth evening at the Rspb reserve .. about 30 people attended 13 traps well
    into Sunday morning. Moth'ers from inland brought a good selection of species to show during the Sunday
    8th. Barry had Bordered White (picture) and Josh Jones, who started trapping regularly in April, had
    Lobster Moth (picture) .. both at Greatstone. Delicate in Lydd.
    4th. Sean had Delicate at New Romney.
    3rd. Rain overnight and mild .. 50-60 species at the inland sites .. fewer species at Dungeness but huge
    numbers of the pyral Synaphe punctalis .. 2000 at Keith's Long Pit trap. Large Emerald and Common
    Lutestring in Lydd .. nothing really of note.
    2nd. Nights are mild enough but moths sinisterly low in numbers. Of note .. Scallop Shell at Littlestone
    (10th a.r) (picture).
    1st. Not too many moths .. looking back to this time last year it was lashing with rain and few moths then
    .. of note Barry had Dotted Fan-foot at Greatstone (8th a.r) (picture) .. Keith had Small Ranunculus (picture)
    in Lydd.  A few Langmaid's in Lydd and Greatstone in the last few days. Sean had Delicate on 30th at New
    Romney.David had Vestal and Dorothy had Dark Sword-grass at Dungeness.

    June 28th. North easterly going round to the SW overnight .. Dorothy and Keith had 15 moths between 
    them at Dungeness .. by contrast Barry recorded 83 species of macro at Greatstone. Of note .. Keith had 
    Brown Scallop in Lydd (picture)which is the first area record.
    25th-27th. Cool nights with stiff northerly breeze. Sean had limbata on 27th at New Romney.
    24th. The scorching hot weather of the last few days ended with violent thunder storms early evening ..
    not too bad overnight with lots of moths at the traps .. Barry had Olive Crescent at Greatstone (2nd a.r) ..
    Keith had Clancy's Rustic (8th a.r and ead), Langmaids (ead) and Scorched Wing (15th a.r) in Lydd. 
    Sean had Alder Moth (6th a.r) at New Romney .. see pics.
    23rd. Nice selection of moths at the traps .. Green-silver Lines which we dont see too often .. Small
    Yellow and several Rosy Waves .. of note Jill had the pyral limbata in Lydd .. Keith had Rosy Marbled
    at New Romney (4th a.r). Sean had the first biviella at New Romney (new to his trap).
    22nd. Barry recorded 74 macros at Greatstone .. mostly 30 to 50 species at the other traps. Of note ..
    Dorothy had Ingrailed Clay .. Keith had Beautiful Hook-tip at Dungeness (2nd a.r).
    20th. A pyral that Barry caught at Greatstone looks like Sciota rhenella, which if confirmed would be
    a new species to Britain (see pics). Sean had Four-spotted Footman (see pics) at New Romney .. Small
    Ranunculus at Dungeness.(Eastward along the coast at Dymchurch Tony Thunder had limbata. Inland
    from us at Biddenden Steve Broyd had Cloaked Pug .. see pic).
    19th. Barry had 62 species at Greatstone. Of note .. Small Angleshades and Ingrailed Clay at New 
     Romney .. Four-dotted Footman and the pyral adelphella in Lydd. Dorothy had Small Ranunculus at
    17th. Windy at Dungeness .. more moths away from the coast .. 43 macro and 8 species pyrals ..which
     is as good as its been so far .. of note .. Poplar Lutestring and Small Yellow Wave at New Romney and
     Bordered White (16th a.r) and ferrugalis in Lydd.
    16th. Colin had a second Small Rununculus .. Peach Blossom at Littlestone.
    14th. Colin had Small Ranunculus in Lydd .. the earliest area date.
    13th. Sandy Carpet at Littlestone (11th a.r). Ingrailed Clay at New Romney.
    11th. Of note .. .. Ingrailed Clay in Lydd .. only the 19th area record from 1990, twelve dates before then. 
.   Netted Pug at Dungeness .. the second this year from this site and the third record for the year.
    10th. Dark Sword-grass at the Rspb moth morning ..  Sean had May Highflyer at New Romney. News of
    a few good moths seen in our area .. a very subtle Knot Grass from Chris Roots trap on May 2nd looks
    very like Scarce Dagger. The Suffolk Boys, Matthew.Deans and  Lee Gregory had Striped Hawk-moth 
    and Lead-coloured Pug (3rd a.r) at the Long Pits at the end of May.
    9th. A little warmer .. good selection of moths at the traps .. Dark Sword-grass in Lydd and New Romney,
    sprinkling of ferrugalis over the area. Of note Four-dotted Footman at Dungeness. Late Common Quaker
    at New Romney. Barry had the best moth .. the pyral limbata .. the 4th area record. 
    7th, 8th. Very cold overnight .. some of the coldest June nights on record. 
    6th. Pearly Underwing at New Romney.
    5th. Few big moths at Dungeness .. Keith had 30 Cream-spot Tiger, 12 Poplar Hawk and 7 Eyed Hawk ..
    the pump house walls peppered with White Ermine and Cinnabars .. very little else. Cream-spot Tigers
    having a good season here. Sean had ferrugalis and Small Angle Shades at New Romney.
    3rd,4th. Wet and windy .. 
    2nd. Pearly Underwing and noctuella in Lydd .. Keith had Vestal and Flame Wainscot at Dungeness
    (3rd a.r) see pics.
    1st. Coastal mist and fog keeping temperatures down.

   January. Few Mottled Umber, Dark Chestnut and Satellite on mild nights during the month. Pale 
   Brindled Beauty appearing towards the end of the month. Sean had Spring Usher at New Romney, which 
   is only the second record for the area. 

   February. Chris had Spring Usher at Dungeness and Keith had 3 in Lydd on 1st. Keith also had Silver 
   Y on 1st, Early Grey and Hebrew on 2nd .. all the earliest dates recorded. Sean had another Spring Usher
   on the 3rd with 3 on 4th. With 1 that Richard had on the 6th at Greatstone, thats 10 moths on 5 dates.
   Hebrew in Lydd on 9th. Warm front went through 15th, Ted had Common Quaker in Lydd and Richard at 
   Greatstone (earliest area date). The weather for the rest of the month was  dominated by cold winds from
   the east, Kent getting its fair share of snow! Richard was trapping all month recording Satellite on nine 
   dates and Chestnut in a snow covered trap.

   March. Cold spell continuing in the start of the month. Pale Brindled Beauty and Hebrew at Dungeness
   on 8th. 
   18th. Sprinkling of moths over the last days..  David had Dotted Border at Dungeness. Satellites, Common
   Quaker and Hebrew at several sites. Keith had Yellow Horned in Lydd on 16th (5th a.r.). Sean had Dark 
   Sword-grass at New Romney on 17th, Richard had one at Greatstone on 18th and 19th. Oak Beauty in 
   Lydd 18th (19th a.r.) and Early Grey.
   20th. Oak Beauty at Dungeness.
   24th. Good numbers of quakers nightly at the traps .. several Oak Beauty at Lydd and Dungeness. Lead-
   coloured drab in Lydd and New Romney which is seldom seen away from Dungeness. Twin-spotted
   Quaker at four sites, it usually occurs singley but two recorded at two traps. Sean had Engrailed at New
   Romney on 23rd (earliest area date).
    25th-31st. Night time temperatures reasonable but very misty with cool easterly breezes. Productive for
   moths with relatively good numbers of Clouded Drab, max. 15 at New Romney, Twin-spotted Quaker 
   nightly from most sites, and Sean had 4 at New Romney on 26th. Oak Beauty in Lydd 27th and at
   Dungeness 31st. Ted had March Moth on 25th and Yellow Horned on 27th (6th a.r. and the 2nd this year)
   in Lydd. 

    April 2nd. First Powdered Quaker at New Romney and Dungeness. 13 Small Quaker at the back of New
   Romney is a good count for us.
   3rd. Keith had Blossom Underwing in Lydd and at Dungeness, a vagrant here recorded in 93, 99 and 02.
   11th. Quite cold lately with few moths at the traps.
    8th. Quiet spell continues with few moths to the traps and several nil returns.
    9th-24rd. Continuing quiet but a few things appearing with the odd Common Quaker and Hebrew, the
   odd Flame Shoulder and Swallow Prominent, Chamomile Shark, Tawny Shears and Muslin Moth.
    26th. Reed Dagger in Lydd.
   27th. Puss Moth at Dungeness.
   28th. Few more moths at the traps .. Chocolate-tip in New Romney, Chamomile Shark and Mullein at
   Greatstone. Barry had Oak-tree Pug and Larch Pug (7th a.r) at Greatstone.
   30th. Nothing special to end an uneventful April just a few more new species for the year at the trap-
   sites .. Chocolate-tip in Lydd.

   May 1st. Double figure numbers of species at the traps, over 50 Tawny Shears at two Dungeness traps,
   Brindled Pug at five sites, 3 at the back of New Romney (highest area count). Dave and Keith both had
   Latticed Heath (earliest area date) .. both black and white like the specimens from Ireland featured in
   Skinner's Moths of the British Isles (see pics).. Dorothy had the first area record of Mocha at Dungeness 
   (see pics), perhaps the last two species are of continental origin?.
    2nd. Best moths from Dungeness. David had Clay-triple Lines (e.area date) and Striped Hawk. Dorothy
   had Lunar Thorn at Dungeness (14th a.r).
   3rd. Dorothy had one of the pale Latticed Heath, Oak Nycteolene in Lydd.
   4th. Wind went NW, cool overnight.
   5th. Richard had Vestal (ead) at Greatstone and Jill had Lunar Marbled Brown (9th a.r) in Lydd.
   6th,7th. Temperatures down to 3 degrees in cold NW airstream, only a few moths at the traps. 
   8th to 14th. Wind has been vicious and cold at night with several nil returns. Last night was calm but
   still cold .. Only moth of note Dark Sword-grass at New Romney.
   18th. Still cold with few moths .. last night was milder and the weather vane is pointing SE .. about
    40 moths at Keith's Dungeness trap, mostly Light Feathered Rustic .. more moths than he's seen for
    19th. Wind backed stiff SW during the day with rain .. Silver Y at Dungeness and the back of New
    20th. Good selection of about 15 species at the Dungeness traps, mostly Light Feathered Rustics,
    first Fox Moth and Toadflax Brocade .. few Yellow Belle and Cinnabar .. Silver Y. Oak-tree Pug at
    21st-24th. Stiff  SW breeze and cool overnight .. Dark Spectacle at New Romney, Puss Moth at
    Littlestone .. few more Toadflax Brocade and White Spot at Dungeness. Tawny Shears scarce so far
    this year.
    25th. Calm overnight, good selection of species at the traps, of note Seraphim at Lydd (13th a.r).
    26th. Barry recorded 28 species (c50 moths) at Greatstone, including Green Silver-lines (17th a.r). 20 
    species (c200 moths) at Dungeness .. muggy overnight .. of note Vestal in Lydd .. Dorothy had Bordered 
    Straw at Dungeness .. Netted Pug at Keith's Dungeness trap (5th a.r) .. four of those from this trap so 
    it could be breeding locally.(see pics).
    27th. Warm overnight, good range of species from all the traps .. migrants .. Colin had Pearly Underwing 
    in Lydd .. things we tend to regard as migrants .. Clay Triple-lines at Littlestone, Orange Footman
    in Lydd. David had Pale Oak Beauty at Dungeness (18th a.r). Sean had Grass Rivulet at New Romney
    (5th a.r.) the first away from the shingle.  
    28th. Cool overnight.  29th. Heavy rain overnight .. ferrugalis in Lydd.
    29th. Sean had Vestal at New Romney and also Netted Pug (6th a.r) from Andy and Margaret Tebb's 
    trap .. 
.   30th. Clear and cool overnight.
    31st. Bordered Straw at Littlestone .. ferrugalis in Lydd.

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   To left and right are the total number of moths counted each year at the trap-sites of Barry Banson at
  Greatstone and David Walker at Dungeness .