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Moths of Dungeness and Surrounding Area
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Recorder: A and M. Tebbs                                           New Romney
                   Andy and Maggie live in New Romney about a hundred yards south of Sean. They are both
                   interested in wildlife of all kinds and have planted their garden with wild flowers, native trees
                   and hedge and built a pond in order to make the garden as wildlife friendly as possible. They
                   first became interested in moth trapping after seeing Bill Oddie on the TV with a torch and
                   a sheet, tried, but were unsuccessful. Shortly after this in June 04 they went to a moth
                   morning at the Rspb at Dungeness. Within twenty four hours Andy had built a moth trap and
                   they have been trapping regularly eversince, Sean helping with identification. To the end of
                   2006 they have recorded 296 macro and 80 pyral species.

                   2004. Andy and Maggie recorded 151 species of macro and 21 pyrals. Of note; Coronet,
                   Small Ranunculus and Dotted Fan-foot.

                   2005. 101 of the 237 macros and 36 of the 53 species of pyral were new. Of note:- Netted Pug.
                   And pyrals:- Pediasia aridella, Dipleurina lacustrata and Nyctegretis lineana. They have also
                   discovered that the small 'moths' that have been resident in their kitchen the last few years are 
                   Plodia interpunctella.

                   2006. 41 of the 244 macros and 22 of the 68 pyrals were new, though they missed almost all
                   of August and September. Of note:- Purple Thorn, Bordered White, Great Brocade, Grey
                   Shoulder-knot, Tree-lichen Beauty, Eastern Bordered Straw and Ni Moth. And pyrals:- Crambus
                   silvella (new to Kent) and Perinephela lancealis.

                   2007. Andy and Maggie ran in the early part of the year to the end of June on recorded 110
                   macros, 2 of which were new and 30 pyrals. Of note:- Striped Hawk-moth.

                   2008. 14 of the 180 macro and 1 of the pyral species were new, including Larch Pug, Dotted,
                   Orange and Hoary Footman, Cosmopolitan, Mere Wainscot, Silver Hook and the pyral elutella.
                   Also of note:- Dusky-lemon Sallow. Site total now stands at 313 macro and 81 pyral species.