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Moths of Dungeness and Surrounding Area
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Recorder: Ted Carpenter                                                                   Lydd
                         Ted, a native of Lydd, has had a lifelong interest in local and natural history. He was running 
                         light-traps in the area in the mid sixties to mid seventies when he and Bob Scott were active
                         at Dungeness and Lydd. Since  2001 Ted  has resumed his interest and has been running a
                         light-trap  in his garden.  To the end of 2006, he has recorded 241 species of macro.
                         With his interest in local history, Ted has published two books, the Photographs of Romney
                         Marsh and the Romney Marsh at War.

                         Ted recorded 136 macro species in 2003, of which 63 were new.

                         2004. 48 of the 177 species recorded were new. Of note:- Lunar Marbled Brown.

                         2005. 23 of the 164 species recorded were new.

                         2006. 21 of the 199 species recorded were new. Of note:- Striped Hawk-moth and Merveille
                         du Jour (new to the area).

                         2007. Ted ran with a black bulb for the season and recorded 148 species, 7 of which were
                         new. Of note:- Cypress Carpet, Maple Prominent and Jersey Tiger. His site total now stands
                         at 248 macros.

                         2008. 7 of the 146 species recorded were new, including Small Phoenix and Antler Moth. Also
                         of note:- Cypress Carpet. Site total now stands at 255 species.