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Moths of Dungeness and Surrounding Area
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Recorder: Sean Clancy                                                          New Romney
                            Sean moved here from Dungeness in July 1997. Over the years he has built up a 
                            comprehensive collection of specimens to which we regularly refer. From unusual 
                            specimens collected in former years, it has been possible to retrospectively identify 
                            the pyrals Dioryctria sylvestrella and Vitula biviella. In 2002 Sean collected several
                            strange Pale Mottled Willows. One of these has turned out to be Platyperigea kadenii, 
                            a species new to Britain and given the English name Clancy's Rustic. It is not known 
                            to be a migrant on the continent where it occurs and it will be interesting to see if any 
                            others turn up retrospectively in other collections.
                            To the end of 2006 the site total stands at 402 macro and 95 pyrals. Best night 25th 
                            July 2004 when 75 species of macro and 2nd August 1999 when 26 pyral recorded.
                            Of note:- Blair's Mocha (2000), Scarce Chocolate-tip (2002), Scarce Black Arches (1998,
                            1999), Tree-lichen Beauty (2001), Marsh Mallow Moth (1997), Golden Twin-spot (2002),
                            Ni Moth (2002) and Dewick's Plusia (2002). And pyrals:- Conobathra tumidana (1999)
                            and Pempelia obductella (2002).

                            Sean recorded 254 macro and 55 pyrals in 2003, fifteen new macro and four pyrals. 
                            Of note:- Autumnal Moth (new to area), Mere Wainscot and Four-spotted (new to area).

                            2004. 12 of the 272 macro and 6 of the 63 pyrals were new. Of note:- Juniper Pug,
                            Tamarisk Peacock (2nd British record), Autumnal Moth, Langmaid's Yellow Underwing,
                            Small Ranunculus, Cosmopolitan and Clancy's Rustic. And pyrals:- Dipleurina

                            2005. 14 of the 275 macro and 4 of the 69 pyrals were new. Of note:- Grass Rivulet,
                            Golden-rod Pug, Red-necked and Four-spotted Footman, Dotted Rustic, Grey Arches,
                            Cosmopolitan, Alder Moth and Dotted Fan-foot. And pyrals:- Dipleurina lacustrata,
                            Evergestis limbata, Pediasia aridella, Eudonia truncicolella and Vitula biviella.

                            2006. 9 of the 285 macro and 1 of the 72 pyrals were new. Of note:- August Thorn,
                            Great Brocade, Green Arches, Cosmopolitan, Mere Wainscot, Marsh Mallow Moth,
                            Small Purple-barred and Plumed Fan-foot. And pyrals:- Conobathra tumidana.

                            2007. 4 of the 235 macro and 2 of the 54 pyrals were new. Of note:- Cypress Carpet,
                            Sandy Carpet, Bleached Pug, Four-spotted Footman, Dewick's Plusia and the pyral

                            2008. Sean recorded  231 macros and 54 species of pyral.  of the macros were new,
                            Dark Umber, Scarce Umber and Brindled Green (new to area). Also of note:- Cypress Carpet, 
                            Golden-rod Pug, Clancy's Rustic, Dotted Fan-foot and the pyrals limbata and bistriga.
                            Site total now stands at 408 macro and 97 pyrals.