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Moths of Dungeness and Surrounding Area
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Recorders: Ray and Janet Turley                                        Greatstone
                   Ray has been coming to Dungeness, as a bird watcher, since 1964 and with Janet since 1972.
                   They came to live here at Greatstone in 1987 and have casually run a light-trap in their garden,
                   some years more frequently than others. They have gradually turned their sandy garden into an 
                   oasis, at certain times of the year  carpeted with butterflies and day flying moth migrants. They 
                   had Camberwell Beauty in 1996. To the end of 2002, their total stands at 236 species of macro.
                   Of note:- Bedstraw Hawk-moth (1993), Oak Processionary (1992), Gypsy Moth (1991),
                   Marbled Grey (1991) and Clifden Nonpareil (1994).
                   And pyrals:- Conobathra tumidana (1991) and Vitula biviella (2000).

                   Apart from their horticultural talents Ray is an accomplshed artist and has specialised  in sculpture.
                   He creates moulds and produces detailed, life size,  models which they painstakingly paint and 
                   set in ornate backgrounds. He usually works to order but has a catalogue.