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Moths of Dungeness and Surrounding Area
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     Recorder: RSPB                                                              Dungeness
                        The creation of the RSPB reserve started in the 1960's. At that time, Bob Scott 
                        was the Bird Observatory warden and went on to become the  resident warden
                        of the reserve. Bob, along with Ted Carpenter were  running light-traps at both
                        locations as well as in Lydd. The great pity  is that their records have disappeared. 
                        The records of the unusual  species exist and it is known that some species, 
                        eg. Shoulder-striped Wainscot was formerly much commoner on the shingle. From 
                        1992, staff at the Reserve have been operating light-traps at Boulderwall  Farm and
                        the Reception centre. Pete Akers started in 1992, and still continues to do so. John 
                        Badely in 1996. Simon Busuttil 1997-2000. Darren Fry  in 2000. Andrew Blake 
                        and Graham Lyons achieved the most continuous coverage in 2001 which produced
                        their  best yearly total of 188 species of macro. To the end of 2006, 377 species 
                        of  macro and 77 species of pyrals have been  recorded.
                        Of note:- Death's-head Hawk-moth (1973,1974, 2001), Scarce Chocolate- tip 
                        (1992,1996), Jersey Tiger (1992), Great Brocade (1996), Flame Brocade (1997), 
                        Marbled Grey (1983), Purple Cloud (1996), Marsh Mallow Moth (1967), Rush
                        Wainscot (1952,1954). And the pyral, Haimbachia cicatricella (1999,2000).

                        In 2003 traps were run at two locations on the reserve. Pete Akers ran at Boulderwall
                        Farm and recorded 173 macro and 22 species of pyral. The other was at the visitors 
                        centre and operated by Jill Walker and Barry Banson, with occasional help from
                        Bryan Pinchen and Keith Redshaw. They recorded 164 macros and 36 pyrals from
                        May to August. Altogether five new macro and three pyrals added to the reserve list.
                        Of note:- Dotted Footman and Langmaid's Yellow Underwing. And pyrals:- Haimbachia

                        2004. Pete Acres ran at Boulderwall and Barry Banson did the visitor centre trap
                        from May to August. 
                        Boulderwall:- 8 of the 209 macros and 12 of the 46 pyral species Pete recorded were
                        new. Site total stands at 313 macros and 66 pyrals.
                        Visitors Centre:- 15 of the 160 macro species that Barry recorded were new. Site total
                        stands at 229 macros and 46 pyrals.

                        2005. Pete Acres ran the Boulderwall trap with Keith Redshaw doing week-ends in
                        August and all of September. Barry Banson did the visitor centre trap from May to
                        August. For the Rspb reserve 13 new macro and 2 pyral species added to their list.
                        Boulderwall:- 12 of the 215 macros and 2 of the 44 pyrals were new. Of note:- Lesser
                        Cream Wave and Dewick's Plusia (2). Site total now stands at 329 macro and 69 pyrals.
                        Visitors Centre:- 18 of the 177 macros and 2 of the 12 pyrals were new. Site total now
                        stands at 269 macro and 41 pyral.

                        2006. Pete Acres ran the Boulderwall trap with stints by Barry Banson in August and
                        September. Barry also ran the visitors centre trap from May to October. 18 of the 201
                        macros and 12 of the 46 pyrals were new to the visitors centre trap .. 16 of the 237
                        macros and 5 of the 54 pyrals were new to Boulderwall. Of these 13 macro and 5 pyral
                        were new to the reserve. Of note:- Six-belted Clearwing, Dotted Footman, Jersey Tiger, 
                        Cosmopolitan, Tree-lichen Beauty and Clouded Brindle.

                        2007. Pete ran the Boulderwall trap and Barry ran the visitor centre trap. 9 of the 129
                        macros were new at the latter. Of note:- Cypress Carpet, Striped Hawk-moth and Large 
                        Nutmeg.1 of the 183 macros new at Boulderwall. To date 382 macros and 77 pyrals
                        have been recorded from the Rspb reserve. Boulderwall total 346 macros and 74 pyrals.
                        Visitors centre total 275 macros and 53 pyrals.

                        2008. Pete ran the Boulderwall trap and Barry ran the visitor centre trap. The two traps
                        recorded 226 species, 4 of which were new, Cloaked Pug, Rannock Looper and Brown 
                        Rustic at Boulderwall and Rosy Underwing by day at the Hanson Hide. The Rspb reserve
                        total now stands at 386 and 78 species of pyral. Also of note:- at Boulderwall, Scarce 
                        Chocolate-tip,Cosmopolitan and the pyral cicatricella.