Moths of Dungeness and Surrounding Area        Area Map
  New Romney
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   Dungeness is the shingle spit, sticking out into the English Channel, in 
   south Kent between Rye to the west and Folkestone to the north-east.
   Just inland are the Towns of Lydd and New Romney and north, following
   the coast, are Greatstone and Littlestone. The map, dated 1812, was 
   chosen because it clearly shows the extent of the shingle at Dungeness.
   The tidal area between Littlestone and Greatstone has been infilled and was
   the last bit of Romney Marsh to be reclaimed from the sea.
   Similar to Portland, in Dorset, the shingle, deposited by Longshore Drift,
   has arranged the flint stones, by size, along the eastern coast, hence
   'great stones' and 'little stones'.
   The Railway, which didnt arrive until c1880, is an undated addition.

   Moths recorded before we started .. Silver-striped Hawk-moth (1973),
   Scarce Chocolate-tip (1953, 1974 onwards), Crimson Speckled (1892, 1960
   61), Stout Dart (1934), Feathered Ear (1934), Conformist (1936,46), Red-
   headed Chestnut (1934), Scarce Dagger (1932,33), Orache Moth (1984),
   Scarce Arches (1934), Blair's Wainscot (1987), Dark Crimson Underwing
   (1932), The Alchemyst (1934) and Olive Crescent (1970).

   and pyrals .. Euchromius ocellea (1958,85), Haimbachia cicatricella (1951),
   and Ancylolomia tentaculella (1935), the last two both new species to