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Moths of Dungeness and Surrounding Area
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Recorder: Keith Redshaw                                                           Lydd
                Keith came to Dungeness in 1971 as the Assistant Warden at the Bird Observatory, leaving in 1974 
                and settling in the area. Started trapping in his back garden in 1991. The house is on the southern 
                fringe of Lydd, overlooking open fields to the RSPB Reserve and Dungeness beyond. To the end 
                of 2006 the total number of species recorded stands at 445 macro and 106 species of pyral. The
                highest number of species recorded in one night is 82 macro on 20th July 2004 and 31 pyral on 
                20th July 2004.
                Of note:- Dusky Hook-tip (2002), Sub-angled Wave (1996), Three-humped Prominent (2002), 
                Hoary Footman (2001,2002), Scarce Black Arches (1999), Great Brocade (1992,1996), Pale 
                Shining Brown (1997), Flame Brocade (1997), Tree-lichen Beauty (1996),  Marbled Grey (1991), 
                Marsh Mallow Moth (2000), Ni Moth (2000,2002) and Scarce Silver Y (1997).
                And pyrals:- Euchromius ocellea (2001), Acigona cicatricella (2000), Catoptria verellus (2001), 
                Evergestis limbata (1999,2001), Hellula undalis (95), Loxostege sticticalis (2001), Conobathra 
                tumidana (1996,1999,2001). Also Vitula biviella which was a species new to Britain in 1997 and 
                now breeds locally.

                The 288 macro species recorded in 2003 included six new species and one of the 75 pyral species
                was new. Of note:- Langmaid's Yellow Underwing (3), Splendid Brocade (one of several, new to
                Britain, recorded along the south coast in 2003) and Cosmopolitan. And pyrals:- Ancylolomia 
                tentaculella and Vitula biviella.
                Also a Nycteolene caught in 1993 was retrospectively identified at the British Museum as Eastern
                Nycteolene, to-date the first British record.

                2004. 8 of the 301 macros and 3 of the 78 pyrals were new. Of note:- Autumnal Moth, Rivulet,
                Jersey Tiger, Langmaid's Yellow Underwing, Small Ranunculus, Flame Wainscot, Tree-lichen
                Beauty, Golden Twin-spot and Cypress Carpet. And pyrals:- Nymphula stagnata, Vitula
                biviella and Diasemiopsis ramburialis.

                2005. 9 of the 297 macros and 1 of the 75 pyrals were new. Of note:- Blair's Mocha, Brown
                Scallop (new to area), Golden-rod Pug, Bordered White, Scarce Chocolate-tip (2), Blossom
                Underwing, Tree-lichen Beauty, Orache Moth, Marsh Mallow Moth and Dewick's Plusia. And
                pyrals:- Dipleurina lacustrata. 

                2006. 6 of the 318 macros and 1 of the 80 pyrals were new. Of note:- Grass Rivulet, Ochreous
                Pug, Small Brindled Beauty, Red-necked and Four-spotted Footman, Great Brocade, Cosmopolitan,
                Dewick's Plusia, Scarce Silver Y and Plumed Fan-foot. And pyrals:- Pempelia obductella and
                Apomyelois bistriatella. 

               2007. 5 of the 259 macros and 1 of the 58 species of pyral were new, including Fox Moth, the first
               record away from the shingle, Green Arches, Porter's Rustic and the pyral lancealis. Also of note:-
               Maple Prominent, Scarce Chocolate-tip, Hoary Footman, Pale Pinion, Tree-lichen Beauty, Clouded
               Brindle, Marsh Mallow Moth, Clancy's and Porter's Rustic, Dewick's Plusia and the pyral biviella.
               Site total now stands at 450 macros and 107 pyrals.

               2008. 3 of the 241 macros and 2 of the 63 species of pyral were new, including Orange Sallow, Scar
               Bank Gem and the pyral sylvestrella. Also of note:- Small Scallop, Sandy Carpet, Scarce Chocolate-tip,
               Clancy's Rustic, Dewick's Plusia, and the pyrals limbata and biviella. Site total now stands at 453
               macros and 108 pyrals.