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Moths of Dungeness and Surrounding Area
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Recorder: Keith Redshaw                                                       Littlestone
                  The home of John and Lynn Harris, situated in an area, near to the Golf Course, with mature gardens
                  and trees. They let Keith run a permanent light-trap in their garden. 
                  To the end of 200, 413 species of macro and 95 pyrals have been recorded. The most species
                  recorded on one night was 84 macro on 22nd July 1994 and 31 pyrals on 13th July 1994.
                  Of note:- Juniper Carpet (2001), Lydd Beauty (2002), Death's-head Hawk-moth (1996), Four-
                  spotted Footman (2000,2002), Purple Cloud (1995), Great Brocade (1996), Small Ranunculus
                  (2001), Flame Brocade (1995), Tree-lichen Beauty (1996,2002), Ni Moth (2002) and Lunar
                  Double-stripe (1997).
                  And pyrals:- Psammotis pulveralis (1996), Conobathra tumidana (2001,2002) and Vitula biviella

                  Keith recorded 273 macro and 67 pyral species in 2003, ten new macros and three pyrals, as with
                  most trap-sites in the area the best year since recording started. Of note:- Tree-lichen Beauty, Silver
                  Barred and Small Purple-barred. And pyrals:- Pediasia fascelinella, Conobathra tumidana and
                  Dioryctria sylvestrella.

                  2004. 7 of the 240 macros and 3 of the 64 pyral species recorded were new. Of note:- Pine-tree
                  Lappet, Pretty Chalk Carpet, Langmaid's Yellow Underwing and Tree-lichen Beauty. And
                  pyrals:- Conobathra tumidana.

                  2005. 3 of the 246 macros were new and 54 pyral species were recorded. Of note:- Autumnal Moth,
                  Tree-lichen Beauty. And pyrals:- Dipleurina lacustrata, Dioryctria sylvestrella and Vitula biviella.

                  2006. 10 of the 285 macros and 1 of the 74 pyral species recorded were new. Of note:- Sub-angled
                  Wave, Large Twin-spot Carpet, Valerian Pug, Brussels Lace, Striped Hawk-moth, Red-necked,
                  Hoary and Four-spotted Footman, Great Brocade, Pale-lemon Sallow ab gilvescens, Tree-lichen
                  Beauty, The Passenger and Small Purple-barred. And pyrals:- Catoptria verellus, Conobathra
                  tumidana and Vitula biviella.

                  2007. 3 of the 229 macros and 1 of the 49 pyrals were new. Of note:- Brussels Lace, Striped
                  Hawk-moth, Porter's Rustic, Dewick's Plusia and Plumed Fan-foot. His site total now stands at
                  417 macro and 96 pyrals.

                  2008. No trapping done, Keith had a fire at his home in Lydd and was moved out to New Romney
                  and didn't have the time to do this site.