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Moths of Dungeness and Surrounding Area
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Recorder: Keith Redshaw                                                     Dungeness
                  Dungeness B Power Station have allowed Keith to use their pump-house, situated in the middle
                  of the shingle next to the Long Pits, for a permanent light-trap. To the end of 2006, 390 species
                  of macro and 80 species of pyral have been recorded. The most species seen in one night was
                  59 macro on 26th July 1998 and 19 species of pyral on 21 July 1994.
                  Of note:- Tawny Prominent (1993), Scarce-chocolate Tip (1994,1996), Gypsy Moth (1998),
                  Scarce Black Arches (1995), Great Brocade (1996), Flame Brocade (2000), and Tree-lichen
                  Beauty (1996).
                  And pyrals:- Conobathra tumidana (1996,2000) and Assara terebrella (2002).

                  Keith recorded 234 macro and 45 pyral species in 2003, thirteen new macros and six new pyrals.
                  Of note:- Small Seraphim (new to area), Maple Prominent, Red-necked Footman, Four-spotted
                  Footman, Scarce Black Arches and Pale-lemon Sallow. And pyrals:- Pediasia aridella.

                  2004. 9 of the 237 macros and 1 of the 47 pyrals recorded were new. Of note:- Scalloped Hazel,
                  Langmaid's Yellow Underwing, Red-Headed Chestnut, Concolorous and Porter's Rustic.
                  And pyrals:- Conobathra tumidana.

                  2005. 7 of the 229 macros  were new and 48 pyrals recorded. Of note:- Cypress Carpet, Netted
                  Pug, Scarce Umber, Gypsy Moth, Blossom Underwing, Flame Wainscot, Marsh Mallow Moth
                  and Beautiful Hook-tip. 

                  2006. 6 of the 245 macros and 1 of the 57 pyrals were new. Of note:- Scarce Umber, Gypsy Moth, 
                  Flame Brocade, Mere Wainscot, Clancy's Rustic and Purple Marbled. 

                  2007. 3 of the 202 macros were new. Of note:- Yellow-horned, Grass Rivulet, Small Seraphim,
                  Flame Brocade, Golden Twin-spot and the pyral vitrialis. His site total now stands at 393 macro
                  and 80 pyrals.

                  2008. 4 of the 231 macros and 3 of the 40 pyral species were new, including, Golden-rod Pug,
                  Hoary Footman, the pyrals flavalis and asinalis. Also of note Clancy's and Porter's Rustic. Site
                  total now stands at 397 macros and 83 pyrals.