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Moths of Dungeness and Surrounding Area
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 Recorder: Keith Redshaw A                           Back of New Romney
              The home of Chris and Carol Philpot who let Keith run a light-trap in their garden. Situated in a clump
              of large gardens surrounded by open farmland to the north of New Romney. To the end of 2006, 399
              species of macro and 93 pyrals have been recorded. The highest number on one night was 74 species
              of macro and 20 pyrals in July 96 and 06. 
              Of note:- Scarce Chocolate-tip (1997), Great Brocade (1996)  and Ni Moth (1996,2002).
              And pyrals:- Euchromius ocellea (2001), Loxostege sticticalis (1996), Psammotis pulveralis (1998),
              Conobathra tumidana (2002) and Scotia hostilis (1996,1998).

              Keith recorded 249 macro and 63 pyral species in 2003, eleven new macros and four pyrals. Of note:-
              Dusky Marbled Brown (the first in Britain since1853), Langmaid's Yellow Underwing (5), Tree-lichen
              Beauty, Marsh Mallow Moth, Ni Moth and Dotted Fan-foot. And pyrals:- Diasemiopsis ramburialis
              and Pempelia obductella.

              2004. 7 of the 238 macros and 1 of the 62 pyrals were new. Of note:- Dusky Hook-tip, Poplar
              Kitten, Three-humped Prominent, Jersey Tiger, Orache Moth and Tree-lichen Beauty. 
              And pyrals:- Conobathra tumidana.

              2005. 11 of the 248 macros and 3 of the 56 pyrals were new. Of note:- Large Twin-spot Carpet,
              Cypress Carpet, Figure of Eight and Rosy Marbled. And pyrals:- Dipleurina lacustrata and Vitula

              2006. 13 of the 278 macros and 4 of the 66 pyrals were new. Of note:- The Mocha, Sub-angled Wave,
              Striped Hawk-moth, Heath Rustic, Great Brocade, Cosmopolitan, The Suspected, Pale-lemon
              Sallow, Tree-lichen Beauty and Scarce Silver Y. And pyrals:- Antigastra catalaunalis (4).

              2007. 5 of the 230 macros and 1 of the 40 pyrals were new. Of note:- Sandy Carpet, Purple Thorn,
              Pale Oak Beauty, Striped Hawk-moth, Green Arches, Rosy Marbled, Lunar Double-stripe and the
              pyral ahenella. His site total now stands at 404 macro and 94 pyrals.

              2008. 6 of the 196 macros and 2 of the 43 pyrals were new, including Gold Swift, Golden-rod Pug,
              Scarce Dagger (originally identified as Light Knot Grass), Porter's Rustic, the pyrals asinalis and
              sylvestrella. Also of note:- Hoary Footman, Purple Clay, Marsh Mallow Moth, Beautiful Golden Y and
              the pyral lutealis. Site total now stands at 410 macros and 96 pyrals.