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Moths of Dungeness and Surrounding Area
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Recorder: Keith Arter                                                             Greatstone
                     Keith was born in the area and has always been interested in Natural History. He started 
                     running a trap in 2002 and recorded about 100 species in July and August, not recording,
                     just getting to know the ropes.
                     In 2003 Keith had an excellant season, recording 227 species. Of note: Clay Triple-lines,
                     Tawny Wave, Oblique Carpet, Speckled Yellow (new to area), Langmaid's Yellow Under-
                     wing (4), Pale Shining Brown and the pyral Opsibotys fuscalis.
                     His trap-site at Greatstone falls just inside the shingle area boundry and during 2003 he 
                     recorded the largest numbers of some species seen to-date, most notably Toadflax Pug
                     which was considered a scarce resident.
                     Keith works at Dungeness Power Station and has brought his technical skills to trap-site
                     design - this maybe why he records such large species numbers as 'nothing' escapes from
                     his trap.

                     2004. Keith recorded 191 macros, 31 of which were new. His total stands at 267 species.
                     Noticeable drop in species and numbers from last year. Of note:- Tree-lichen Beauty and
                     the pyral Haimbachia cicatricella.

                           The base of his trap is sunk into the ground with just the round top protruding. A white canvas 
                           sheet then covers the outer frame with the dish and light visible. The dish dips towards the light 
                           and acts as a guide to incoming moths. He has also incorporated a computer cooling fan 
                           inside the base which sucks the moths downwards.
                           Keith stopped recording at the end of 2004.