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Moths of Dungeness and Surrounding Area
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Recorder: Jill Walker                                                                            Lydd
                       Jill came to live in the area in 1998 and works at the RSPB reserve. It was there that 
                       she met bird watchers  interested in moths and has been running a light-trap in her garden 
                       since June 2002. Jill's garden is in the middle of Lydd in an area lacking in gardens and 
                       limited habitat. She recorded 139 species of macro and 25 species of  pyral. The best night 
                       being July 27th, with 29 macro and 7 pyrals recorded. At the end of 2006 her site total 
                       stands at 258 macros and 60 pyrals.
                       Of note:- the pyral Nascia cilialis which was the first area record.

                       In 2003 Jill recorded 167 macro and 34 pyral species of which 57 macros and 34 pyrals
                       were new.

                       2004. 28 of the 172 macro species and 7 of the 38 pyrals that Jill recorded were new. Of
                       note:- Purple Thorn, Brindled Beauty, Langmaid's Yellow Underwing and Hoary Footman.
                       Her site total stands at 225 macro and 45 species of pyral.

                       2005. 23 of the 164 macros and 10 of the 37 pyrals were new. Of note:- The pyrals
                       Evergestis limbata, and Loxostege sticticalis.

                       2006. 10 of the 150 macros and 5 of the 38 pyrals were new. Of note:- Goat Moth and
                       Striped Hawk-moth.

                       2007. Jill ran with a black MV for part of the season and recorded 104 species of macro and
                       24 pyrals .. 7 new macro and 1 new pyral. Of note:- Dingy Shell and Dotted Rustic. Her
                       site total now stands at 265 macro and 61 pyrals.

                       2008. Not a good year for Jill, she ran in the early part of the season but had her trap
                       vandalised in June and did little for the rest of the year.