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Moths of Dungeness and Surrounding Area
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Recorder: Josh Jones                                                      Greatstone
                            Josh first became interested in moths at the age of six after finding and rearing  Eyed 
                            Hawk-moth larvae that he found on a willow tree in his garden. He still continues, and
                            has successfully reared a growing number of species. His site total to the end of 2006
                            stands at 308 macros and 80 pyrals.

                            He was born in Greatsone and his back garden looks out south west over the shingle
                            to Lade Pits.

                            He started running a Robinson type trap in his garden in 2003, just learning the common
                            moths but mostly interested in the Hawk-moths. In 2004 his interest in the smaller moths
                            increased and he attempted some recording. The 2005 season was his first whole year
                            of trapping and recording, with the help of Barry Banson. Has a Robinson tucked up in
                            the shelter of the house and a Skinner trap at the end, about thirty metres apart; Josh
                            has noted that there can be a significant difference of moth species and numbers between

                            2005. Josh recorded 235 macro species. Of note:- Lobster Moth, Four-spotted Footman,
                            Jersey Tiger, Tree-lichen Beauty, Dewick's Plusia and Golden Twin-spot (2). 

                            2006. 73 of the 286 macros were new and in his first year recording pyrals had 72 species.
                            Of note:- Rest Harrow, Blair's Mocha, The Rivulet, Orange Moth, Feathered Beauty, Dew
                            Moth, Dotted Rustic, Dotted Clay, Cosmopolitan, Merveille du Jour, Mere Wainscot, 
                            Porter's Rustic, Plain Golden Y, Beautiful Hook-tip and Dotted Fan-foot. And pyrals:-
                            Haimbachia cicatricella, Scoparia basistrigalis and Antigastra catalaunalis.

                           2007. 30 of the 254 macro species and 2 of the 51 pyrals were new. Of note:- Golden-rod 
                           Pug, Brindled Beauty, Scarce Chocolate-tip, Hoary Footman, Crescent Dart, Wormwood
                           Shark and the pyral cicatricella. His site total now stands at 336 macro and 76 pyrals.

                           2008. 15 of the 236 macro and 3 of the pyral species were new, including, Lesser Cream
                           Wave, Channel Islands Pug, Rannock Looper (new to area), Red-necked Footman, Orache
                           Moth, Clouded-bordered Brindle and the pyral lutealis. Also of note:- Scarce Chocolate-tip, 
                           Hoary Footman, Clancy's and Porter's Rustic and Dewick's Plusia. His site total now stands
                           at 353 macro and 79 pyral species.