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Moths of Dungeness and Surrounding Area

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                Since 1984 there has been an ever increasing number of people, mostly birdwatchers, who live in the area, 
                who have been regularly running light-traps and recording their results. In 1991 there were four people running
                five light-traps, by 2006 there were twelve people running sixteen light traps. Prior to this, most moth trapping 
                had been at Dungeness, the techniques used changing over the years from "sugaring" to Tilley Lights and lately 
                MV lamps powered by portable generators.
                The emphasis has now grown to include the surrounding area and information is offered from six sites at 
                Dungeness (Blue), five at Greatstone (Orange), one at Littlestone (Green), five at Lydd (Pink) and four at 
                New Romney (Yellow). The distribution of trap-sites is entirely random, with seven sites 'on the shingle' and 
                14 sites 'off shingle'.  We have recorded the macro moths, the readily accessible group of the Pyralidae and 
                work is underway on recording of the other micro species. From the wealth of data amassed we have published 
                a detailed guide on the status and distribution of "Moths of Dungeness and Surrounding Area", which brings 
                together records past and present. We have also published an annual report for each of the years 2001 to 2006.
                To date, over the whole area, 603 species of macro moths and 131 species of Pyralidae have been recorded. 
                Of these, 565 macros and 116 Pyralidae have been recorded on the shingle and Dungeness. These web pages 
                offer a glimpse of the fruits of our efforts.  



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