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Moths of Dungeness and Surrounding Area
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Recorder: David Walker                                                           Dungeness
               David first came to Dungeness to work at the Bird Observatory in 1976 and became the Warden in
               1989. He started  trapping in 1989 and since 1990 has consistantly logged species and numbers
               of macro and micro occurring in his light-trap in the vicinity of the Observatory. This is in addition 
               to his primary job of recording birds in the area. He also records the Dragonflies, Hoverflies and 
               Flowering plants occurring. To the end of 2006, 460 species of macro and 100 pyrals have been
               recorded. The most species seen in one night was 97 macro on 11th August 1997. In 1994, David
               recorded 39 species of pyrals on 12th July and 40 species on 13th (in three traps). In 1996  he
               caught what turned out to be Pale-shouldered Cloud, which was a new species to Britain.
               Also of note:-  Dusky Hook-tip (1997), Sub-angled Wave (1996), Cypress Carpet (1999),
               Barberry Carpet (1996), Death's-head Hawk-moth (1994), Spurge Hawk-moth (1993), Scarce
               Chocolate-tip (1991), Oak Processionary (1992), Gypsy Moth (1994), Scarce Black Arches 
               (1999), Great Dart (1998), Great Brocade (1996), Pale Shining Brown (1989), Tree-lichen 
               Beauty (1995), Marbled Grey (1990), Small Marbled (1995), Spiny Bollworm (1999), Golden
               Twin-spot (1994), Ni Moth (2000) and  Shaded Fan-foot (2000). 
               And pyrals:- Euchromius ocellea (1995), Loxostege sticticalis (1996,1997,2002), Psammotis
               pulveralis (1990,1996,1998), Hymenia recurvalis (1990), Conobathra tumidana (1992,1996,1997
               2001) and  Mussidia nigrivenella (1994).

               David counts the numbers of moths in his trap and from his records it has been possible to extract
               the total number of moths seen each year. Of the 110 commonest species in the area, 39 have
               shown an increase, 60 have shown a decrease and 11 have remained roughly the same. By
               comparison to Barry's trap-site where surrounding habitat has been lost, acreage at Dungeness 
               remains the same but habitat has changed dramatically. The open shingle areas are being
               colonised by grasses and Sallow.

               Of the 224 macro species David recorded in 2003, eight were new and the one new pyral species
               was also new to the area. Of note:- Dotted Footman, Great Dart, Small Ranunculus, Marsh Mallow
               Moth, Eastern Nycteolene and Dewicks Plusia. He also sorted out the first Langmaid's Yellow
               Underwing in the area and recorded four at Dungeness. And Pyrals:- Pempeliella diluta.

               2004. 4 of the 234 macro and 3 of the 56 pyral species were new. Of note:- Small Scallop,
               Scallop Shell and Langmaid's Yellow Underwing. And pyrals:- Conobathra tumidana and
               Dioryctria sylvestrella. 

               2005. 2 of the 245 macro and 1 of the 56 pyral species were new. Of note:- Dusky Peacock (new to
               area) and Golden Twin-spot. And pyrals:- Dipleurina lacustrata.

               2006. David has had a few lean years recently and has been heard threatening to give up .. his tally
               of 266 macros included 10 new species (2 new to the area) and 62 pyrals of which 4 were new. June
               saw the start with 2 Eastern Bordered Straw .. Blairs Mocha, Juniper Pug and Scarce Silver Y were
               new in August .. Clancy's Rustic, Pale Shoulder, Clifden Nonpareil and The Passenger were new in
               September .. Silver-striped Hawk-moth, Beautiful Gothic (new to Kent) and Plumed Fan-foot new
               in October .. and for good measure the assistant at the Bird Observatory Simon Davies caught
               Crimson Speckled  ..hopefully he has changed his mind. 
               To cap an amazing season, a pyral he caught in September was identified on genitalia by Mark
               Parsons as Eccopisa effractella, the second British record.

               2007. 2 of the 202 macro species and 1 of the 40 pyrals David recorded were new .. Four-spotted
               Footman, Dusky-lemon Sallow and the pyral lancealis. Also of note:- Striped Hawk-moth and Golden
               Twin-spot. His site total now stands at 461 macro and 101 pyrals.

               2008. David recorded 219 macro species and 63 species of pyral. 4 of the macros were new .. Water
               Carpet, Pretty Chalk Carpet, Ochreous and Channel Islands Pug. Also of note:- Dewicks Plusia and
               Plumed Fan-foot. His site total now stands at 465 macros and 101 pyrals.