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Moths of Dungeness and Surrounding Area
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Recorder: Brian Dinsley                                                      Greatstone
                          Came to live in Greatstone in 2002. He lives in close proximity to Richard Clamp and Paul Trodd.
                          Since then Brian has worked as a volunteer warden at the Rspb reserve. Became interested in 
                          moths through the Moth Mornings held at Boulderwall and started trapping casually at home in 
                          2004. Ran a Heath Trap during the 2005 season. Bit of a break with the home trap until 2008, 
                          although he continued to assist Pete Akers with the Boulderwall Trap. Ran with a Robinson
                          Trap for the 2008 season and with the help of Dorothy recorded 152 species of macros.