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Moths of Dungeness and Surrounding Area
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Recorder: Richard Clamp                                                       Greatstone
                                Richard came to live in the area in 1990. Mothing, one of  his many interests,
                                started  with a Heath Trap in 1993 and an MV from 1994 to the present. 
                                Coverage over the years has varied,  2002 being the first full year of 
                                continuous trapping. His garden is right on the sea front in an area of 
                                limited habitat. 180 species of macro were recorded in 2002 bringing the 
                                site total to 207. His total to the end of 2006 now stands at 286 macros.
                                Of note:- Scarce Chocolate-tip (2002).

                                Richard recorded 197 species in 2003, thirty of which were new.  Of note:- 
                                Striped Hawk-moth, Small Ranunculus and Pale Shoulder (new to area).

                                2004. 28 of the 214 macro species recorded were new. Of note:- Tree-lichen Beauty.

                                2005. 15 of the 199 macro species recorded were new. Of note:- Golden Twin-

                                2006. 7 of the 192 macro species recorded were new. Of note:- Oak Lutestring,
                                Orange Moth, Striped Hawk-moth, Cosmopolitan and Ni Moth.

                                2007. 6 of the 180 macro species recorded were new. Of note:- Brindled Beauty.

                                2008. Richard recorded 157 species .. 4 new bringing his site total to 297 species.