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Moths of Dungeness and Surrounding Area
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Recorder: Dorothy Beck                                                    Dungeness
                      Dorothy started recording from the end of may 2004, initially under the guidance of Barry but
                      has quickly picked up the rudiments and has contributed much to the moths seen in 2004.
                      Her and husband Robert have recently moved from Lydd to the Kerton Road area at Lydd-on-
                      Sea. The front of the house faces west overlooking the crests of shingle waves west to the
                      RSPB reserve, and south to the sallow carr at Dungeness. Her site total to the end of 2006
                      now stands at 323 macro and 59 pyrals.

                      2004. Dorothy recorded 223 macro species. Of note:- Tawny Wave, Spurge Hawk-moth, 
                      Langmaid's Yellow Underwing, Flame Brocade, Red-headed Chestnut, Dewick's Plusia 
                      and Rosy Underwing. And pyrals:- Conobathra tumidana.
                      2005. 66 of the 249 species recorded were new. Of note:- The Mocha (new to the area),
                      Juniper Carpet, Scarce Chocolate-tip, Figure of Eight, Gypsy Moth, Red-headed Chestnut
                      and Golden-twin-spot (3).

                      2006. 33 of the 262 macros recorded were new, she also started to record macros and had
                      59 species. Of note:- Rest Harrow, Blair's Mocha, Striped Hawk-moth, Lobster Moth, Gypsy
                      Moth, Northern Rustic, Cosmopolitan, Porter's Rustic, Pale Shoulder and The Passenger.
                      And pyrals:- Psammotis pulveralis and Diasemiopsis ramburialis.

                      2007. 14 of the 232 species of macro she recorded were new, 1 of the 24 species of pyral 
                      was new. Dorothy had Channel Islands Pug which was the only new moth to be recorded
                      this year. Her site total now stands at 336 macro and 61 pyrals. Of note:- Grass Rivulet,
                      Early Tooth-striped, Striped Hawk-moth, Great Dart and Dewick's Plusia.

                      2008. Dorothy recorded 246 macro species and 47 pyrals .. 11 species of macro were new
                      including Cypress Carpet, Jersey Tiger, The Sprawler and Large Ear .. 6 of the pyrals were
                      new bringing her site total to 347 macro and 67 pyrals. Also of note:- Tawny Wave, The 
                      Rivulet, Channel Islands Pug, Cosmopolitan, Clancy's and Porter's Rustic and Scarce
                      Bordered Straw.