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Moths of Dungeness and Surrounding Area
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Recorder: Colin Turley                                                                    Lydd
                      Colin, a bird watcher,  has recently moved into the area and started running a trap
                      from mid season 2003, just learning the ropes. He recorded about 100 
                      species. His trap-site is on the southern edge of Lydd overlooking fields to Dungeness.
                      Of note:-  Colin had two of the four Clancy's Rustics that occurred in 2003. His site total
                      to the end of 2006 stands at 324 species.

                      2004. 120 of the 232 macro species Colin recorded were new. His site total now stands
                      at 248. Of note:- Scallop Shell, Autumnal Moth, Scalloped Hazel, Oak Processionary,
                      Jersey Tiger, Langmaid's Yellow Underwing, Small Ranunculus, Pale-lemon Sallow and
                      Tree-lichen Beauty.

                      2005. 44 of the 252 macros recorded were new. Of note:- Autumnal Moth, Waved Carpet
                      and Dewick's Plusia.

                      2006. 33 of the 265 macros recorded were new. Of note:- Small Scallop, Hoary Footman,
                      Cosmopolitan and Ni Moth. And pyrals:- Herpetogramma licarsisalis.

                      2007. Colin recorded 136 species of macro, trapping from the end of July to October. 2
                      were new .. Dusky Thorn and Golden Twin-spot. His site total now stands at 326 species.

                      2008.  192 species macro recorded .. 4 new .. The Mocha, Cypress Carpet, Sharp-angled
                      Carpet (1st area record) and Channel Islands Pug. He also recorded all the pyrals for the
                      first time and recorded 50 species. Of note:- Pretty Chalk Carpet, Clancy's Rustic and the
                      pyrals limbata and biviella. Colins site total now stands at 330 macro and 51 pyral.