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Moths of Dungeness and Surrounding Area
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Recorder: Chris Roots                                                            Dungeness
                      Chris was born in the area and got an introduction to moths, as a young boy, with a 
                      neighbour who took him out  locally looking for butterflies and  Hawk-moth larvae.
                      Since 1998  he has been living at Dungeness and started to run a  light-trap in 2001. 
                      2002 was his first full season.  To the end of 2005  he has recorded 290 species of 
                      macro and is starting to record pyrals. 
                      Of note:- Dusky Hook-tip (2002) and Clouded Magpie (2002).

                      His trap-site is about half a mile from the Bird Observatory and a mile from Keith's 
                      Dungeness site and Sean's former site. It has revealed some species that were 
                      under recorded. Of special note July Belle, which had previously been infrequently 
                      recorded, is regular, also Broom Moth, recorded regularly nowhere else. 

                      Chris's trap may have the distinction of being the closest trap-site to France.

                      2003. 41 of the 207 macro species Chris recorded in 2003 were new. Of note:- Grass 
                      Rivulet, Striped Hawk-moth and Langmaid's Yellow Underwing.

                      2004. 31 of the 200 macro species Chris recorded in 2004 were new. Of note:- Jersey
                      Tiger, Langmaid's Yellow Underwing, Cosmopolitan, Tree-lichen Beauty, Marbled Grey,
                      Mere's Wainscot and The Four-spotted.

                      2005. 14 of the 174 macros recorded were new. Of note:- Scalloped Hook-tip, Clouded
                      Buff and Scarce Dagger.

                     2008. Chris moved to New Romney in 2006 and has had other priorities .. he did some
                     trapping in 2008 but not on a regular basis. Of note:- Beautiful Golden Y.