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Moths of Dungeness and Surrounding Area
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Recorder: Barry Banson                                                         Greatstone
                   Barry was a visitor to the area, as a bird watcher, from 1964, and has lived here since 1985.He
                   started with a Heath Trap for the 1986 and 87 season and a Robinson Trap from 1988 onwards. 
                   The trap-site is in a small back garden about five  hundred yards from the beach at Greatstone, 
                   and has featured  in the site profiles in the"Atropos" periodical. It has the enviable distinction of 
                   being the most outstanding site in  terms of species and  species numbers. Over the years it has
                   turned up one new species for Britain, Plumed Fanfoot,  in 1995 (and again in 1999). 
                   Also of note:- Dusky Hook-tip (1991), Blair's Mocha (1988), Sub-angled Wave (1995,2001), 
                   Spanish Carpet (1994), Barberry Carpet (1996), Scarce Chocolate-tip (1998), Gypsy Moth 
                   (1992), Dotted Footman (1990), Scarce Black Arches (1993,1994 and 1995), Great Brocade 
                   (1996), Pale Shining Brown (1989,1994), Small Ranunculus (2002), Tree-lichen Beauty (2000), 
                   Orache Moth (1997), Concolorous (1993,1997), Marsh Mallow Moth (2001), Purple Marbled 
                   (1992), Small Marbled (1995), Bedstraw Hawk-moth (1995) and  Ni Moth (2002).                 
                   And pyrals:-  Euchromeus ocellea (1996), Loxostege sticticalis (1992,1994,1996,2001), 
                   Psammotis pulveralis (1996), Conobathra tumidana (1992,1996,2002), Dioryctria sylvestrella 
                   (1999,2002) and Vitula biviella (1999,2001).
                   Barry also counts all the moths that occur in the trap. From his records it has been possible
                   to extract the  total number of moths seen each year. Of the commonest 110 species in the area, 
                   30 species  have shown an increase, 67 species a decrease and 13 species that have remained 
                   roughly the same. The last ten years have seen a lot of the 'waste' ground in this area disappear 
                   to housing development. 
                  The total number of species seen at Barry's site, to the end of 2006 stands at 488 macro and 105 
                  species of pyral. The most species seen in one night is 103 macro on 8th July 1989 and 29 pyrals 
                  in July 1996, August 1997, 98, July 05 and 06.
                   2003. was Barry's best yearly total at 306 macros, he had nine new species and three of the 74
                   pyral species recorded were new. Of note:- Barred Hook-tip, Cypress Carpet, Striped Hawk-
                   moth, Tree-lichen Beauty, Marbled Grey, Clancy's Rustic, White-line Snout (new to area) and
                   Plumed Fan-foot. And pyrals:- Donacaula mucronellus (new to area) and Evergestis limbata.
                   Also added to his list was an Oak Nycteolene in 1999 retrospectively identified as Eastern

                   2004. was comparatively quiet at Greatstone, Barry recorded 280 macros, two of which were new, 
                   Water Carpet (which was new to the area) and Langmaid's Yellow Underwing. Also of note:- Small 
                   Scallop, Pretty Chalk Carpet, Dwarf Pug, Dotted Footman, Small Ranunculus and Tree-lichen 
                   Beauty. And pyrals:- Margaritia sticticalis, Acrobasis tumidana and Vitula biviella.

                   2005. 310 species of macro and 75 pyrals are both record totals for his site and also the highest
                   number of macros seen in one year at our sites. His total includes one new species of macro to the 
                   area and  one pyral which was new to Britain. There can't be too many sites in Britain that have 
                   recorded a new macro and micro moth species for Britain.Of note:- Sub-angled Wave, Tawny Wave, 
                   Larch Pug,  Bordered White, Scarce Silver-lines (new to area), Golden Twin-spot, Dewick's Plusia (2) 
                   and Olive Crescent. And pyrals:- Dipleurina lacustrata, Evergestis limbata, Acrobasis tumidana,
                   Dioryctria rhenella (new to Britain) and Pempeliella diluta.

                   2006. Barry continued to break his own records .. 320 macros, 10 of which were new and 81 pyrals ..
                   Of note:- Grass Rivulet, Waved Carpet, Tamarisk Peacock, Striped Hawk-moth, Dotted Footman, 
                   Cosmopolitan, Crescent Striped, Mere Wainscot, Pale Shoulder, Scarce Silver Y and Small 
                   Purple-barred. And pyrals:- Margaritia sticticalis and Dioryctria sylvestrella.

                   2007. 253 species of macro and 65 pyrals recorded. 4 were new .. Netted Pug, Merveille du Jour,
                   Double Kidney and Porter's Rustic. Barry's site total now stands at 492 macro and 106 pyrals.

                   2008. 259 species of macro  and 65 pyrals recorded 4 of which were new .. Red-green Carpet, 
                   White-banded Carpet, Common Heath (to light) and Four-spotted Footman. Also of note:- Cypress
                   Carpet, eight moths which tempts us to think that it may be breeding locally .. the third area record
                   of Barberry Carpet, Scarce Chocolate-tip, Red-necked Footman, Deep-brown Dart, Clancy's Rustic,
                   Porter's Rustic (3), Scarce Bordered Straw, Dewick's Plusia and the pyral limbata. Barry's site total
                   now stands at 496 macro and 106 pyrals.