Moths of Dungeness and Surrounding Area


        15 traps ran, recording 414 species of macro and 93 species of pyral.

        PICTURES 10                                          The YEAR 10


       15 traps ran, recording 421 species of macro and 90 species of pyral. 2 macro species new to the area. Migrant activity at the end
       of July and the first half of August. 

       PICTURES 09                                          The YEAR 09


      19 traps ran, recording 405 species of macro and 92 species of pyral. 8 macro and 2 species of pyral were new to the area. A
       year, on reflection, more productive than it ever appeared at any time during the year, the weather always seeming to conspire against
       us .. little bits of marked migrant activity in June, August and September.

       PICTURES 08                                           The YEAR 08


      17 traps ran, recording 398 species of macro and 88 species of pyral. Channel Islands Pug new to the area. A year which started well to
      the end of April with untypical mild weather and many species recording their earliest area date. A typical British wet summer we haven't
      seen for the last few years. There was a period at the end of May with some migration but the year devoid of any of the 'southerly' type 
      weather that produce movement.
      PICTURES 07                                          The YEAR 07


     16 traps ran, all recording the most species in any year to date. 462 macro moths is also the highest area yearly total to date. The list of rare
     and unusual moths is, by any standards, impressive .. 7 were new to the area .. Six-belted Clearwing, Valerian Pug, Small Brindled Beauty,
     Beautiful Gothic, Merveille du Jour, Eastern Bordered Straw and The Passenger. 105 pyrals recorded, 2 of which were new .. Crambus
     silvella and Herpetogramma licarsisalis. Many species acheived 'highest area counts' and 'latest area dates' giving an idea of the year .. slow
     to start but mid June to October very productive with unprecedented numbers of scarce migrants.

     PICTURES 06                                         The YEAR 06


     428 macros recorded four of which were new, The Mocha, Dusky Peacock, Brown Scallop and Scarce Silver-lines. 94 pyrals recorded, one 
     of which, Dioryctria rhenella, not only new to the area but new to Britain. For us a good range of species. Very few concentrated periods
     of migration.

     PICTURES 05                                         The YEAR 05


     418 macro and 96 species of pyral were seen in the 'whole area'. 5 new macro species were added to the list .. Pine-tree Lappet, Water Carpet,
     Tamarisk Peacock, Porter's Rustic and Rosy Underwing.

     PICTURES 04                                         The YEAR to AUGUST                            The YEAR from AUGUST


     429 macro and 94 species of pyral were seen in the 'whole area', the most macro species in one year since comprehensive recording started
     in the mid-eighties. 9 new macros and 4 pyral species were added to the list; Autumnal Moth, Small Seraphim, Speckled Yellow, Dusky 
     Marbled Brown, Langmaid's Yellow Under-wing, Splendid Brocade, Pale Shoulder, Four-spotted and White-line Snout. The pyral, Dipleurina 
     lacustrata, added in 2002 was again removed from the list and again added for this year. Also added were Donacaula mucronellus, Diasemiopsis
     ramburialis and Pempeliella diluta. Also added to the list were Clancy's Rustic from 2002 and Eastern Nycteolene from 1993 and 1999, 
     retrospectively identified from specimens in the collection of Sean Clancy and identified by the British Museum. (both species being the first 
     British records). see site profiles for more information.

     PICTURES 03                                          The YEAR to AUGUST                           The YEAR from AUGUST